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#ifndef MONKEY_H_
#define MONKEY_H_
#include <sys/types.h>
int some_function(int,int,int);
int libmonkey_override_by_ptr(void *orig, const void *target);
struct libmonkey_st {
void *addr;
size_t maplen;
int fd;
typedef struct libmonkey_st* libmonkey_t;
* These functions will replace a non-static symbol with anything you want,
* provided the symbol can be located by its name AND you are using the ELF
* format.
/* This returns a handle based on the current running executable */
libmonkey_t libmonkey_new_from_exe(void);
/* Returns a new handle based on the path */
libmonkey_t libmonkey_new_from_path(const char *path);
/* Replaces the global symbol victim with the function
* found at injection.
* If old is not-null, the raw code previously beloning to the victim
* function will be placed there.
int libmonkey_patch(libmonkey_t monkey,
const char *victim,
const void *injection,
void **old,
size_t *nold);
* Free the libmonkey structure
void libmonkey_free(libmonkey_t monkey);
#endif /* MONKEY_H_ */