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Perl Client for Couchbase
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Couchbase::README - README for Couchbase


Couchbase is a Perl client for Couchbase ( This replaces the older Couchbase::Client

Installing this module depends on the libcouchbase library (, You must have at least version 2.4.2 installed. The library should exist in your current compiler's search path (this is usually the case if you've used the default installation methods). Inspect the author_utils/ script in the source repository for ways to link against a custom install prefix.

Using this library will mainly deal with the Couchbase::Bucket class, so have a look there!


Support for this module is provided by the author. You can find him on the #libcouchbase IRC channel on the freenode network under the name mnunberg (number of trailing underscores may vary depending on his network).

You can also try to file a bug in the github repository (


This module is primarily authored in XS. The xs directory contains the relevant C source code.

To run the tests you will need a copy of CouchbaseMock.jar in the t/tmp directory. You may obtain this by glancing into the source code of libcouchbase itself and downloading from the URL. Here's an example from the 2.4.2 version:

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