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smbogan commented Aug 31, 2016

When connecting on ownCloud for Android I get an "Unknown error occurred!" error. I can include more details (a log?), but I'm not sure where to get it from. I am using Davros on my own server, that is not HTTPS. Perhaps HTTPS is required?

The Windows desktop application is working perfectly.


Same error here using the Android ownCloud app. I'm actually using TLS (HTTPS) so I guess we can rule that out :)


Update: Downgrading from 2.1.0 -> 2.0.1 has fixed this particular error so try that @smbogan 🐱. Will investigate this further.


Hi @livmackintosh ,

It's exciting you're interested in looking into this.

If you have familiarity with how to record HTTP traffic on your server, that would probably be supremely helpful. My guess is that with a HTTP traffic log from both, it would be fairly feasible to use "diff" to find out the difference between what the two clients are sending and/or expecting.

Let me know if you need help from me with any of the above!

larjona commented Oct 9, 2016

I'm experiencing the same issue. Installed recent version of OwnCloud client (from F-Droid) and I cannot connect my Davros account (other plain OwnCloud accounts I can). I downgraded to 2.0.1 version and I could connect. Then I upgraded to the latest version (in F-Droid) and it keeps working.
@paulproteus could you give "step by step" directions, on how to provide the logs you need to track down the problem? I'm not sure if I have to look at nginx logs in my server, to the "debug log" window that Sandstorm provides, to ssh into the Sandstorm grain...

Thanks in any case for your support.


Things became a bit depressing now. I have the same error with 2.2.0 (from F-Droid) but have no possibility to roll it back to 2.0.1 because it's not there any more. Tried with oldest one 2.1.1 but still get the same error.

larjona commented Jan 23, 2017

@polettix you can activate the F-Droid Archive repository, and then you'll have version 2.0.1 available again.


@larjona that worked, thanks!

It's still not working properly though, although I don't know how much this is a problem with davros. I can see all files that I load with this client, but nothing I loaded before and nothing I load or delete from other clients. This is the same behavior I'm getting using the Cirrus client on Android actually.

The clients on Mac and PC are able to see every change.

db48x commented Jan 30, 2017

I took a quick peek at this just now. The mobile client makes a GET request to /index.php/ocs/cloud/user?format=json to which Davros returns an html page. The Linux desktop client doesn't make this request.

A quick search turns up this code which seems to match, although the url is slightly different (it was only changed 4 days ago though).

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