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app api list_torrents more resilient
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db Rails adapter thing changed, I guess?
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log Git housekeeping
public Torrent form css
script Update rails
spec Fix specs
stories Half-way merged in restful_authentication
test Authenticated RSS Feeds (optional)
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vendor Beginning work on feed import feature
.gitignore ignore everything in tmp/uploads and tmp/pids
.gitmodules Beginning work on feed import feature
README Update README instructions for git submodules
Rakefile For some reason, 'rake spec' initializes rails before ENV gets set
changelog.txt * ability to browse torrents by category (& multiple categories)


== Welcome to the Hydra Project - Rails App

=== Install ===

Get the source:
  git clone git://
  cd hydraproject
  git submodule update --init

  Note: because hydraproject uses submodules, downloading the tarball will NOT work :(

Clone the default config files:
  rake hydra:prepare

Alter database.yml if you want to have a database other than hydra_dev.

Set up the database:
  rake db:create
	rake db:migrate

Start the server:
  script/server start

Please see the website for the latest documentation.
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