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Welcome to LimeWire Remote

LimeWire Remote is a web-based remote control for LimeWire, the peer-to-peer file-sharing application. It is also a platform for building ruby applications on top of LimeWire.


LimeWire Remote sources can be obtained using git, from github:

git clone git://

Rails is included as a submodule, and needs to be pulled in:

cd limewire-remote git submodule update –init

Next, get the special build of LimeWire:

rake lw:fetch

This is a self-contained version of limewire that includes the JRuby jar. It stores all files in a directory next to the executable and does not interfere with other applications or other copies of LimeWire installed on the system.

If you need to do it manually, the file is here:

It needs to be extracted into limewire-remote/bin.


Launching LimeWire Remote is as simple as navigating to the bin/ directory and double- clicking LimeWire, or using

open bin/

LimeWire will start, and about 15 seconds after it has loaded a mongrel instance will start listening on port 3000.


You can run the LimeWire Remote rails app by itself, although it will not have access to LimeWire's internals. Progress is being made to mock out the limewire.rb library for use in stand-alone mode.


LimeWire Remote is licensed under the GPL. See the included COPYING file.

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