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Release notes for 0.3:
Many more bug fixes. Speed is now basically comparable to Bram's client---at
least in my limited experiments.
The following are known issues with this release:
- Ruby threads don't play well with curses. Non-blocking getch hangs.
See [ruby-talk:130620]. So we use ncurses.
- Ruby threads don't play well with TCP sockets on Windows. There is a
20-second *global* freeze every time an outgoing connection is made to a
non-responsive host. See [ruby-talk:129578], [ruby-core:04364]. As you can
imagine, this can be quite a performance hit in a program that can make
potentially hundreds of such connections. In fact, it renders RubyTorrent
almost useless on Windows. A patch exists (indeed, has existed for many
months), and if I bug Matz maybe it'll get in to 1.8.3. :)
- Ruby threads don't play well with writing data over TCP sockets. At least,
that's what I glean from [ruby-talk:130480], and it might explain the
occasional freezing behavior I see (3 to 30 seconds, sporadic) under heavy
loads in Linux.
Other than that :) everything works. I think.