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Lua driver for mongodb

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A Lua driver for mongodb

Wiki Documentation


Submit issues to the moai github site.

There is a Google Groups mailing list.



-- Create a connection object
local db = assert(mongo.Connection.New())

-- connect to the server on localhost

-- insert a value into the namespace 'test.values'
assert(db:insert('test.values', {a = 10, b = 'str1'}))

-- the same using a JSON string
assert(db:insert('test.values', "{'a': 20, 'b': 'str2'}"))

-- insert a multiple values into the namespace 'test.values'
assert(db:insert_batch('test.values', {{a = 10, b = 'str1'}, {c = 11, d = 'str2'}}))

-- print the number of rows in the namespace 'test.values'

-- query all the values in the namespace 'test.values'
local q = assert(db:query('test.values', {}))

-- loop through the result set
for result in q:results() do

How It Works

luamongo is a Lua library that wraps the mongodb C++ API.

The current implementation does not give you raw access to the BSON objects. BSON objects are passed to the API using a Lua table or a JSON string representation. Every returned BSON document is fully marshalled to a Lua table.


This project was forked from the luamongo project on googlecode.

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