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This is the development repo of Moai SDK. Current, but not necessarily tested or stable.
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Welcome to Moai!

Thanks for checking out the Moai source code. Here's the scoop.

Linux CI: Build Status OSX CI: Build Status


Moai SDK is an open source game framework for quickly developing great mobile games.

You can work in Lua or C++, and Moai SDK runs on multiple platforms including iOS, Android, Chrome, Windows, Mac and Linux.


Please clone the source in the following way.

git clone
cd moai-dev
git submodule init
git submodule update


Tools needed to build the MOAI SDK.

The following tools are required to build the API documentation.

Please set the following environment variables.


export MOAI_BIN=<install_path>/moai-dev/release/osx/host-sdl/bin
export MOAI_CONFIG=<install_path>/moai-dev/samples/config


export MOAI_BIN=<install_path>/moai-dev/release/linux/host-sdl/x64/bin
export MOAI_CONFIG=<install_path>/moai-dev/samples/config


set MOAI_BIN=<install_path>\moai-dev\release\win32\host-sdl\bin
set MOAI_CONFIG=<install_path>\moai-dev\samples\config

Build Hosts

Please build according to the following procedure.

Windows Host

cd moai-dev

OSX Host

# Build
cd moai-dev

# Run
cd <sample_directory>
$MOAI_BIN/moai main.lua

iOS Host

cd moai-dev
./bin/ <lua_dir>

Linux Host

# Build
cd moai-dev

# Run
$MOAI_BIN/moai main.lua

Android Host

# Build
export ANDROID_NDK=<path_to_android_ndk>
cd moai-dev

# Edit Setting
cd release/android/host

# Run


export EMSCRIPTEN_HOME=<path_to_emscripten_1.7.1>
cd moai-dev

<http-serve> cmake/build/host-template/www

#see src\host-html\ for more info

Create IDE Projects

Visual Studio

Execute create-projects-win.bat in moai-dev\bin. By default, this creates a Visual Studio 2012 solution in moai-dev\cmake\projects\vs2012. To generate project files for a different version of Visual Studio, specify your desired version (vs2008, vs2010, vs2012, or vs2013) as a command-line argument.


open cmake/projects/moai-ios/moai.xcproj


open cmake/projects/moai-osx/moai.xcproj

Sample code

Go to the samples folder, which contains dozens of samples that can be run using one the hosts located in ant (Android), xcode (OSX and iOS), or Visual Studio (Windows).

One of our priorities is to build richer samples for Moai developers, so if you'd like to see a particular code sample, let us know by posting in the Moai forums.


This SDK uses the CPAL license. Refer to the for attribution screens to include with games made with Moai.



Moai Pages




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