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+= Moai SDK
+= Version 1.3
+= Revision 2
+Moai SDK 1.3r2 now available
+Summer is well and truly over here in Seattle, but the good news is
+that the pace of Moai development is picking up! The new Moai SDK
+1.3r2 is now available for download. This release saw a focus on iOS,
+with support for the iOS 6 SDK and Xcode 4.5 plus a round of new
+features and bug fixes for all platforms.
+We have updated the Moai Xcode project to support
+Apple's latest Xcode version 4.5 and the iOS 6 SDK. What does this
+mean for you? The biggest change is that Xcode 4.5 adds support for
+armv7s and the iPhone 5, but drops support for older armv6 iOS
+devices, and requires a minimum of iOS 4.3. �Apple's armv6 devices
+include the iPhone 3G and earlier iPhones, and the first two
+generations of iPod touch devices. The Moai codebase on �github can
+still be used to build to armv6 with previous Xcode versions, but your
+build flags will need to be reverted to support this.
+Thanks again to Moai contributors and developers who assisted with this release.
+What's new in Moai SDK 1.3r2
+-iOS 6 and armv7s support added
+-Dropped armv6 support on iOS
+-Added setFailOnError method to MOAIHTTPTask to allow getting
+information from 400+ codes
+-Modified MOAITextDesigner's layout behavior to snap the layout
+cursor's Y-Coordinate to integer boundaries between lines of text
+-Modifed MOAITextDesigner's layout method to snap lines of text to
+integer boundaries to prevent blurring
+-Fixed a buffer overrun issue in Visual Studio 2010
+-Fixed 'setLength' function on MOAIBOX2DDistanceJoint
+-Fixed a bug with Curl HTTP task resetting on certain calls
= Moai SDK
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Moai SDK
-Version 1.1
+Version 1.3
Revision 2
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