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1.5 stable #988

merged 69 commits into from Oct 16, 2014


None yet

halfnelson commented Oct 16, 2014

update of 1.5 stable with mods from latest 1.5 development

makotok and others added some commits Jun 2, 2014

Merge pull request #936 from moai/master
Synchronization of the branch.
Fix luagc_count in getMemoryUsage in moaiSim
see: the value was just getting the bytes not the kilobytes.
pex plugin: Fix radial emitter
The radial emitter was lacking one assignment present in the gravity emitter,
with the result that it didn't display anything.
pex plugin: Cleanup and bug fixes
This looks larger than it is.

There was a ton of duplicated code between the gravity and radial script
cases, and that's simplified and cleaned up. Also, there's some overly
complicated computations, and dead code. It appears that the intended
angle computations for gravity emitters weren't quite correct. The
sourcePosition and sourcePositionVariance values were ignored. The code
to read in attributes could easily overrun buffers. In theory, all of
these should be fixed now.
particles-pex-plugin sample: Clean up .pex file, update usage
The sourcePosition and sourcePositionVariance values were being mostly
ignored, and the usage of them with setRect was an extra complication.
Instead, we now handle those internally in the plugin code. Update
sample accordingly.

Also clean up the sample so it's more readable.
Fix miscapitalized attribute name.
There was a typo in one of the attribute names. We still accept the
old attribute name, but we now recognize the correct capitalization
and update the example to match it.
Fixed a bug when you have set a ScissorRect to MOAIProp.
* Fixed the problem that is drawn out of the range of the Viewport.
* Fixed the problem  that is one pixel drawing at the boundary of the
window in OSX.
Merge pull request #943 from moai/fix-scissor-test
Fixed a bug when you have set a ScissorRect to MOAIProp.
Fix const definitions for MOAICameraAnchor2D and MOAICameraFitter2D
CameraFitter and CameraAnchor consts were set in `RegisterLuaFuncs` instead of `RegisterLuaClass` like other classes.  This fix moves them to the correct method to make them accessible from Lua.
Merge pull request #947 from criptych/fix-camerafitter-consts
Fix const definitions for MOAICameraAnchor2D and MOAICameraFitter2D
Use timer for OS X
The configuration of the SDL timer was contingent on
"if(UNIX AND NOT APPLE)" or "if(WINDOWS)", with no attempt to
configure it for OS X.

The Unix timer is maintained for OS X and works fine. Copying
and pasting a few lines into the APPLE section fixes it.

What this fixes: Without it, if you use Spaces/Mission Control
and page such that the app isn't rendering, it uses 100% of CPU.
Also SDL_GetTicks() always returns zero and SDL_Delay() always
returns instantly.
MOAIProp: Add getScissorRect()
It is occasionally desireable to be able to find out whether
a prop has a scissorRect assigned to it.
Merge pull request #953 from moaiforge/pull_moaiimage_png_fix
fix moaiimage crash when loading palletized png
Fix `GetMACAddress` for Windows
Fixes `ZLAdapterInfo::GetMACAddress()` for Windows systems, used by
`MOAIEnvironment.getMACAddress()` (previously returning zeroes).
Added MOAIBox2DWorld:addRevoluteJointLocal which takes local anchorA …
…and anchorB points, rather than a single world anchor point.
Update curl_config.h
fixes build on redhat based linux systems by removing the have_stropts_h
Fixed bug that prevented setting no clear color at all
MOAIGfxDevice.setClearColor() always forwarded 4 arguments, making it
impossible to call the method without arguments.
Fixed MOAITransformBase.getWorldRot() by fixing ZLAffine3D.GetRot()
Arguments to atan2 were fed in the wrong order. Same for ZLAffine2D.GetRot().
Merge pull request #963 from DanielSWolf/set-clear-color
Fixed bug that prevented setting no clear color at all
Merge pull request #964 from DanielSWolf/world-transform
MOAITransformBase.getWorldRot() and .getWorldDir() are broken
Merge pull request #960 from Vavius/fix-getluaobject
fix bug in MOAILuaState::GetLuaObject()
Merge pull request #959 from fivevolthigh/fvh-addRevoluteJointLocal
Added MOAIBox2DWorld:addRevoluteJointLocal
Merge pull request #958 from criptych/fix-getmac-win32
Fix `GetMACAddress` for Windows

halfnelson and others added some commits Sep 1, 2014

Clone instructions didn't work for me
Cloning the .git failed like so:

    $ git clone
    Cloning into 'moai-dev'...
    Warning: Permanently added the RSA host key for IP address '' to the list of known hosts.
    Permission denied (publickey).
    fatal: Could not read from remote repository.
    Please make sure you have the correct access rights
    and the repository exists.

And I added the `cd` so it can actually all be copy-pasted and would just work.
Merge pull request #972 from ubershmekel/patch-1
Clone instructions didn't work for me
Merge pull request #968 from Vavius/fix-moaiimagetexture
Attempt to fix MOAIImageTexture reallocated on each new glyph rendered
curl: Use autoconf script to generate config headers on Linux
When the RUN_CURL_CONFIGURE variable is set, use the curl configure
script to generate curlbuild.h and curl_config.h instead of using
pre-cooked ones.  Enable only on Linux for now.
Merge pull request #974 from naartjie/fixes
correct windows path separator in
Merge pull request #973 from naartjie/master
grammar tweak to
Make zl-vfs able to load an archive that has had data prepended to it
Comment from physfs, from which this approach was inspired:
>  For self-extracting archives, etc, there's crapola in the file
>  before the zipfile records; we calculate how much data there is
>  prepended by determining how far the central directory offset is
>  from where it is supposed to be (start of end-of-central-dir minus
>  sizeof central dir)...the difference in bytes is how much arbitrary
>  data is at the start of the physical file.
Fix issue with build docs script giving a "too many arguments" error
This was occurring if any of the required exes' path had a space in
it because it would be interpreted as separate words rather than one
Merge pull request #955 from moaiforge/pull_luajit_coroutine_stacktrace
work around incompatibility with lua_jit and the coroutine error handlin...
Merge pull request #965 from JDaance/pr-pcall-and-traceback
I hazily recall working on this part of the code in my own branch after the split from 1.5. I am going to pull this in now then compare and resolve conflicts later.
Merge pull request #976 from zeldin/curl-configure
curl: Use autoconf script to generate config headers on Linux
Merge pull request #983 from sclark39/ropejointinterface
Fixed addRopeJoint interpreting parameters as local anchors
Merge pull request #984 from sclark39/miscfixes
MOAIFont crash fix, zl-gfx assert fix, and fix for silently failing to load the main script
Merge pull request #985 from sclark39/ziploadfix
Make zl-vfs able to load an archive that has had data prepended to it
Merge pull request #987 from sclark39/fixbuilddocs
Fix issue with build docs script giving a "too many arguments" error
Merge branch '1.5-development' into 1.5-stable
mods include vfs archive enhancements (can read combined moai.exe and zip file)
font loading error checking
image texture fix for glyph caching
mac address for windows
fix getRot
fix getluatype
add local box2d revolute joint
upgrade openssl to 1.0.0m
fix curl build on all linux by using configure

halfnelson added a commit that referenced this pull request Oct 16, 2014

@halfnelson halfnelson merged commit 593c937 into moai:1.5-stable Oct 16, 2014

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