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Implemented showing the solution tree in the solution explorer.

The solution explorer now shows the solution / project tree.
Fixed exception catch on Linux platform to not rethrow if exiting.
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Moai IDE

Moai IDE is an MIT-licensed IDE written in C# designed to allow game developers to quickly write games with Moai.


Since Moai IDE is written in C#, you need either Visual Studio 2008 or Mono to build it. You can also grab binaries from the build server.

Feature Set

Current Features

  • UI for Windows
  • Project management
  • Syntax highlighting for Lua
  • Debugging engine
    • Breakpoints
    • Immediate Window (evaluate expressions)

In the Works

  • UI for Linux (and non-natively, Mac)
  • Device deployment and remote debugging
  • Live code editing

Down the Track

  • Native UI for Mac
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