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<img src="/img/demo-01.png" class="demo-img" />
- <p>You can change a current theme and font with setting app.</p>
+ <p>You can change current theme or font with setting app.</p>
<hr />
<img src="/img/demo-02.png" class="demo-img" />
- <p>It shows registered apps in app registry. You can search and install an app on
- the dashboard.</p>
+ <p>You can find available apps to install in the registry app. You can search and install apps onto
+ the dashboard(homescreen).</p>
<hr />
<img src="/img/demo-03.png" class="demo-img" />
<h3>UI Demo</h3>
- It demonstrates all UI Components in Mobello. <a
+ It demonstrates all the UI Components Mobello provides. <a
href="/emulator/emulator.html?app=demo" target="_blank"> Run UI Demo (in single
app) </a>
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