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// MFDocumentManager.h
// OffscreenRendererTest
// Created by Nicolò Tosi on 4/20/10.
// Copyright 2010 MobFarm S.r.l. All rights reserved.
#import <Foundation/Foundation.h>
#import <QuartzCore/QuartzCore.h>
#import <UIKit/UIKit.h>
#import "Stuff.h"
@class MFOffscreenRenderer;
@interface MFDocumentManager : NSObject <UIAlertViewDelegate>{
MFOffscreenRenderer *renderer;
CGPDFDocumentRef document;
NSLock * lock;
NSURL * url;
CGDataProviderRef provider;
NSString * resourceFolder; /* If nil, will default to Documents folder */
NSUInteger numberOfPages;
NSString * password;
NSLock * pageDataLock;
int *dataSetFlags;
CGRect *cropboxes;
int *rotations;
// These method are used internally.
-(CGImageRef)createImageFromPDFPagesLeft:(NSInteger)leftPage andRight:(NSInteger)rightPage size:(CGSize)size andScale:(CGFloat)scale useLegacy:(BOOL)legacy;
-(CGImageRef)createImageFromPDFPage:(NSInteger)page size:(CGSize)size andScale:(CGFloat)scale useLegacy:(BOOL)legacy;
-(CGImageRef)createImageFromPDFPagesLeft:(NSInteger)leftPage andRight:(NSInteger)rightPage size:(CGSize)size andScale:(CGFloat)scale useLegacy:(BOOL)legacy showShadow:(BOOL)shadow andPadding:(CGFloat)padding;
-(CGImageRef)createImageFromPDFPage:(NSInteger)page size:(CGSize)size andScale:(CGFloat)scale useLegacy:(BOOL)legacy showShadow:(BOOL)shadow andPadding:(CGFloat)padding;
-(void)drawPageNumber:(NSInteger)pageNumber onContext:(CGContextRef)ctx;
Use this method to get the cropbox and the rotation of a certain pdf page.
-(void)getCropbox:(CGRect *)cropbox andRotation:(int *)rotation forPageNumber:(NSInteger)pageNumber withBuffer:(BOOL)withOrWithout;
Create a thumbnail for a specific page. It will look far better than the
thumbnail integrated inside the pdf, but it is also slower.
-(CGImageRef)createImageForThumbnailOfPageNumber:(NSUInteger)pageNr ofSize:(CGSize)size andScale:(CGFloat)scale;
Factory method to create an MFDocumentManager instance from a know file path.
+(MFDocumentManager *)documentManagerWithFilePath:(NSString *)filePath;
Return an array of MFOutlineEntry as the outline/TOC of the pdf document.
-(NSMutableArray *)outline;
Initializer. You can also use the factory method above.
Initializer with data provider.
Check if a document is encrypted and blocked by a password or not.
Try to unlock the document with a password and return if the unlock has been
successful or not.
-(BOOL)tryUnlockWithPassword:(NSString *)aPassword;
Return the number of pages that make up the document.
This method will return the page number of the destination with the name passed
as argument.
-(NSUInteger)pageNumberForDestinationNamed:(NSString *)name;
Clear the page cache. It is important to call this method on memory warning as
in the sample code to prevent the application being killed right for excessive
memory usage.
Return an array of MFTextItem representing the matches of teh search term on
the page passed as arguments. It is a good choice running this method in a
secondary thread.
FPKSearchMode has the following values:
FPKSearchModeHard - if you search for 'bèzier' it will match 'bèzier' only but not
'bezier'. If you search for 'bezier' it will match 'bezier' only.
FPKSearchModeSoft - if you search for term 'bèzier' it will match both 'bezier' and 'bèzier'. Same
if you search for 'bezier'.
FPKSearchModeSmart - if you search for term 'bezier', it will also match 'bèzier', but if you
search for 'bèzier' it will match 'bèzier' only.
Ignore case is self explanatory.
Default parameters are FPKSearchModeSmart and ignoreCase to YES.
-(NSArray *)searchResultOnPage:(NSUInteger)pageNr forSearchTerms:(NSString *)searchTerm mode:(FPKSearchMode)mode ignoreCase:(BOOL)ignoreOrNot;
Compatibility methods for older version. It will call the above method with default values.
-(NSArray *)searchResultOnPage:(NSUInteger)pageNr forSearchTerms:(NSString *)searchTerm;
-(NSArray *)searchResultOnPage:(NSUInteger)pageNr forSearchTerms:(NSString *)searchTerm ignoreCase:(BOOL)ignoreOrNot;
Return a string representation of the text contained in a pdf page.
-(NSString *)wholeTextForPage:(NSUInteger)pageNr;
Build version of this library. Useful for debugging purposes.
+(NSString *)version;
Array of every uri annotation for a selected page.
-(NSArray *)uriAnnotationsForPageNumber:(NSUInteger)pageNr;
Get the parameters for a generic uri, useful to parse options passed with the
annotations to customize the behaviour.
+(NSDictionary *)paramsFromURI:(NSString *)uri;
Resouce folder for the document. Video, audio and other files referenced in the
pdf are contained here.
@property (nonatomic,retain) NSString * resourceFolder;
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