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How to use it on existing projects

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How-To use on existing projects

Add required files to existing project

  • Open your existing app XCode project, open Project menu and choose Add to Project… ⌥⌘A, then locate FastPdfKit folder inside the downloaded package and click Add ( this folder include the file MFDocumentViewController.h , libFastPDFKit.a and many other file ), be sure to check Copy items into destination group’s folder (if needed);
  • Right click on the Framework group and select Add and then Existing Framework…, then choose QuartzCore.framework from the list and press Add;
  • With the same method Add all of this framework : UIKit.framework , CoreText.framework , libz.1.2.3.dylib , AVFoundation.framework , MediaPlayer.framework , CFNetwork.framework , AudioToolbox.framework , Foundation.framework and CoreGraphics.framework.
  • At the end of the previous step you must have this situation

Start coding

  • Choose or add a new controller (we will call it LauncherController) to manage pdf documents and in the .h file add and add lines 3 and 7 to the controller
     //  LauncherController.h
     #import <UIKit/UIKit.h>
     @class MFDocumentManager;
     @interface LauncherController : UIViewController {
  • Add this code before the @implementation line in the .m file
     #import "MFDocumentManager.h"
     #import "MFDocumentViewController.h"
     #define DOC_PLAIN @"FastPdfKit-1.0RC1"
  • Implement at least this method in the .m file
     //  LauncherController.m
     -(IBAction)actionOpenPlainDocument:(id)sender {
         NSString *documentPath = [[NSBundle mainBundle]pathForResource:DOC_PLAIN ofType:@"pdf"];
         NSURL *documentUrl = [NSURL fileURLWithPath:documentPath];	
         MFDocumentManager *aDocManager = [[MFDocumentManager alloc]initWithFileUrl:documentUrl];
         MFDocumentViewController *aDocViewController = [[MFDocumentViewController alloc]initWithDocumentManager:aDocManager];
         [self presentModalViewController:aDocViewController animated:YES]; 
         [aDocViewController release];
  • Now call the above action to open the pdf. You can find the code above with comments in the BasicLauncherController class.

Within FastPdfKit folder there are many other sample controllers (in the Controllers group) where you can find methods (heavily commented) to manage every feature.

If you have any other question please use GitHub Issues or, better, get in touch with us at FastPdfKit Support

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