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mobfish Unity Cardboard SDK

Copyright 2020 mobfish GmbH.

This is an unofficial Google Cardboard Unity SDK, implemented from new Google Cardboard open source project.

This project is released, it is production ready now.
Feel free to make tickets if there is any bugs, and do Pull Requests if you have some suggestions for feature or bug fix.

Official Google Cardboard SDK:


  • Cardboard View on smartphone
  • Support Unity 2018 LTS and 2019 LTS
  • Simple, independent package
  • iOS and Android support
  • OpenGL ES 3.0 and Metal(iOS) and Vulkan(Android) Support (as well as OpenGL ES 2.0)
  • Default Render Pipeline and Scriptable Render Pipeline (URP, HDRP) support.
  • Ability to set cardboard profile in script
  • Switch between vr and no-vr mode (magic window)


Please see the wiki pages.

Used External Sources

Protocol Buffer:
DLL file is included in this repository.


Please see the LICENSE file.

Official Google Cardboard SDK License:

Protocol Buffer License:

The "Google Cardboard" name is a trademark owned by Google and is not included within the assets licensed under the Apache License 2.0.

Special Thanks

Rohan Tipare

We thank you for your contribution to this project.