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MobFox iOS SDK supporting Banner Ads, Video Ads, and Native Ads
Objective-C HTML JavaScript
Latest commit 1d2ae63 Mar 30, 2016 @mobfox Update

This is the Old MobFox SDK and is no longer maintained.

Please refer here: for the new version

MobFox iOS SDK

Thank you for looking into the MobFox SDK. All our SDKs are available both open-source here on GitHub as well as as compiled libraries, downloadable through your MobFox account.

To get started, sign up for a MobFox account under

Integration Documentation

Integration documentation can be found on the GitHub Wiki.

Integration docs are also available directly in your MobFox account. Just log in, head to Integration, and you will see the latest integration tutorials.

Custom Events

This SDK supports custom events to add additional third party SDKs to your monetization stack. For a tutorial on setting this up, please refer to the integration docs.

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