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// MBURLConnectionOperation.h
// MBRequest
// Created by Sebastian Celis on 2/27/12.
// Copyright (c) 2012 Mobiata, LLC. All rights reserved.
#import <Foundation/Foundation.h>
@class MBURLConnectionOperation;
// This protocol is used for notifying another object about significant events that occur to the
// MBURLConnectionOperation.
@protocol MBURLConnectionOperationDelegate <NSObject>
// This method gets called after the connection operation finishes (either successfully
// or with an error. It does not get called if the operation was cancelled.
- (void)connectionOperationDidFinish:(MBURLConnectionOperation *)operation;
// This method is called to notify the delegate when data has been downloaded from
// the connection.
- (void)connectionOperation:(MBURLConnectionOperation *)operation
// This method is called to notify the delegate when data has been uploaded to
// the connection.
- (void)connectionOperation:(MBURLConnectionOperation *)operation
// MBURLConnectionOperation is a simple NSOperation that wraps an NSURLConnection.
@interface MBURLConnectionOperation : NSOperation
@property (atomic, retain) NSURLRequest *request;
@property (atomic, retain, readonly) NSURLConnection *connection;
@property (atomic, retain, readonly) NSError *error;
@property (atomic, retain, readonly) NSURLResponse *response;
@property (atomic, retain, readonly) NSData *responseData;
@property (atomic, assign) id <MBURLConnectionOperationDelegate> delegate;
// By default, NSURLConnection will not connect using SSL to servers with untrusted certificates.
// This includes all self-signed certificates. Setting allowsUntrustedServerCertificates to YES
// will allow these types of connections to occur. Defaults to NO.
@property (atomic, assign) BOOL allowsUntrustedServerCertificates;
// Returns the response data as a UTF-8 string.
- (NSString *)responseDataAsUTF8String;
// NSData to use instead of the standard response. Useful for bypassing the actual request when
// running automated tests. You should probably never call this method unless you are running a
// unit test.
- (void)setResponseDataOverride:(NSData *)data;
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