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import six
class Lookahead(object):
A Lookahead is a wrapper for any generator that lets you look at the
next element to be returned (one-element lookahead). It also provides
a way to check for end-of-iterator.
If L{atstart} and L{atend} are both True, the generator is empty.
@ivar _g: the wrapped generator.
@ivar _x: the next element.
@ivar _atend: True when the Lookahead is at the last element.
@ivar _atstart: True when the Lookahead is at the first element.
def __init__(self, gen):
@param gen: the generator to be wrapped. The first element will be
retrieved immediately.
self._g = iter(gen)
self._atend = False
self._atstart = True
def _advance(self):
Advance one element, setting L{_x}, L{_atstart} and L{_atend}
self._atstart = False
self._x = six.advance_iterator(self._g)
except StopIteration:
self._x = None
self._atend = True
def atend(self):
When C{atend} is True, L{peek} will return None, and L{next} will
raise StopIteration.
@return: True when the Lookahead is B{past} the last element.
return self._atend
_atstart = True
def atstart(self):
If this property is True, it does not mean that there is
necessarily a next element: the iterator could be empty.
@return: True when the Lookahead is at the first element.
return self._atstart
def peek(self):
@return: the value of the next element that will be yielded from the
generator (from L{next}), or C{None} if L{atend} is True.
return self._x
# Iterator protocol support
def __iter__(self):
Support iterator protocol
@return: self
return self
def next(self):
# If we're already at the end, stop iteration
if self._atend:
raise StopIteration
# Save the value to yield
_x = self._x
return _x
def __next__(self):
Python3 - compatible variant of next()
@return: value of next()