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Mobify Client

The Mobify Client is a command line tool for building and deploying Mobify.js projects.


  • mobify: Print help text.

  • mobify init <project_name>: Create a new project from the scaffold.

  • mobify preview: Runs a local server which dynamically builds the project.

      -h, --help                  output usage information
      -p, --port <port>           port to bind to [8080]
      -s, --sslPort <sslPort>     ssl port to bind to [8443]
      -a, --address <address>     address to bind to []
      -m, --minify                enable minification
      -t, --tag                   runs a tag injecting proxy, requires sudo
      -u, --tag-version <version> version of the tags to use with tag injection [6]
  • mobify build: Builds the project and places it into a bld folder.

  • mobify push: Builds and uploads the project to the Mobify Cloud.

      -h, --help                 output usage information
      -m, --message <message>    message for build information
      -l, --label <label>        label the build
      -e, --endpoint <endpoint>  set the API endpoint
      -u, --auth <auth>          username and API Key
      -p, --project <project>    override the project name for push endpoint
  • mobify login: Saves Mobify Cloud credentials to global settings.

      -h, --help                 output usage information
      -u, --auth <auth>          username and API Key eg. username:apikey


The Mobify Client supports Node 0.6.2 to 0.12.x

Install from NPM

Remove previously installed versions of the client:

$ sudo npm -g remove mobify-client

Install the client:

$ sudo npm -g install mobify-client

Test the client is installed:

$ mobify -V

Install from Source

To checkout the source from GitHub and install dependencies:

git clone
cd mobify-client
make install

Test the client is installed:

$ bin/mobify.js -V

The source installed version of the client is available via the mobify.js command. this makes it easier to run both source and NPM versions of the client simultaneously. Add :path/mobify-client/bin to $PATH to run the mobify.js command from anywhere.


Create a branch and submit a pull request to this repo!

Reporting a bug

File an issue!

Running the tests

make tests


Make sure you modify the changelog and bump the version number.

Note: you'll need to be an owner on NPM to publish. Publishing requires the git-archive-all Python package. On Mac systems, you can install this using Homebrew and this formula.

$ git status
(ensure clean working directory)
$ make archive
(creates archive mobify-client.x.x.x.tgz)
$ npm publish mobify-client.x.x.x.tgz