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Build errors are not correct for unauthorized pushes #26

jansepar opened this Issue · 1 comment

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From old repo.

@tedtate :

When I attempted to push to a project which the currently logged in user does not have access to I receive the following:

Build Complete.
[Error: Project not found. Check your project name in project.json.]

Please update the error so that the user is informed they don't have access to the requested project, not that it doesn't exist.

@johnboxall :

That was a conscious decision the same way you get a 404 for if you aren't logged in.

But we could also probably say 'check your credentials' : )


Currently the API returns a HTTP 404 if:

  • The project name in project.json refers to a project that doesn't exist.
  • The user doesn't have permissions to access the project.

We should improve the error message to suggest users:

  1. Double check their project name in their project.json file.
  2. Double check their saved credentials.
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