Added iOS8 preload-top-hits issue fix for v7 tag #306

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Reviewers: @haroldtreen @jansepar

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  • Add a workaround in the v7 tag for an iOS8 issue, where the autocomplete request for a site sets a mobify-path cookie to blank
  • Use the page visibility API to detect if we're in a background tab, in which case we don't drop an opt-out cookie

How to Test

  • Use Charles to rewrite to this tag, and verify that the mobify-path cookie isn't being set

Thanks for getting this started @fractaltheory, taking a look now.

@donnielrt donnielrt and 1 other commented on an outdated diff Jul 29, 2015
@@ -202,6 +202,21 @@ Private['loadPreview'] = loadPreview;
@type {null}
var disableTag = function() {
+ // This workaround addresses an iOS fallthrough issue, where iOS 8's
+ // "preload top hits" option will load a Mobified page in the
+ // background when typing in an address into the URL bar. Safari
+ // seems to cancel the mobify.js download, resulting in us dropping
+ // a failure cookie.
+ //
+ // We get around this by ignoring mobify.js failures in a background
+ // tab.
+ //
+ // Related ticket:
+ //
+ if (doc.visibilityState && doc.hidden) {
donnielrt Jul 29, 2015 Contributor

There's no "doc" here :) We need to change this to document

fractaltheory Jul 29, 2015 Member

Oh geez. Fixed: 269cb6f


Confirmed that this fixes the issue for the v7 tag as well, woohoo!



@jansepar carrying on the discussion from the v6 tag PR, do you think we need to make this fix opt-out rather than opt-in? I vote yes.


Is it minified if there are 3 lines? (philosoraptor)


Stew, yeah, I'd run it through GCC, not sure if we can get it much smaller. Is that what you meant?


@jansepar can I get a hallelujah?


Looks pretty legit! 👍


Thanks Shawn!

@donnielrt donnielrt merged commit 4a4ff8a into v2.0 Sep 24, 2015

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@donnielrt donnielrt deleted the ios-preload-hit-fix branch Sep 24, 2015
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