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Mobify.js is an open source library for improving responsive sites by providing responsive images, JS/CSS optimization, Adaptive Templating and more.

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Mobify.js is a client side adaptation framework for quickly adapting websites to support mobile and tablet devices.

This repository contains the Mobify.js core. The Mobify Client is required to compile the core.

To get started with Mobify.js, follow the instructions on




Running the tests requires PhantomJS:

make test


The compiled documentation for Mobify.js can be found online at

To compile the documentation yourself, install Jekyll and run it from www folder:

gem install jekyll
cd www
jekyll --server --auto

Then navigate to http://localhost:4000/mobifyjs/docs/.


Mobify.js includes a library customizable user interface modules in the modules folder.

To package the modules for download use this command (they will be stored in /static/downloads):

make modules


When creating a build of for release, execute this command:

make buildstatic

And then copy the generated "_site" folder to where the site will be hosted.

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