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Payment Module : Mobikwik Wallet
Mobikwik Wallet - Adding money to your wallet lets you pay for your services and recharges in just one click, or even via SMS or by dialling a number.
Our aim is to solve the payment pain points for eCommerce in India.

An installation procedure for the module:


Joomla version : 1.7.x , 2.5.x 
HikaShop version : 2.2 onwards

1. After the installation of virtuemart component 2.0, you can upload the downloaded zip file using extension manager in joomla.
2. Enable Wallet payment method in plugin manager.


- Login to Administrator Area - site administrator panel,
- Select Components -> HikaShop -> Configuration.
- Click on Payment Methods under System..
- Click on New button on the right side to add the new payment method.
- Click the Payment Method Information tab.
- Give the Payment method name, and select YES to publish.
- Choose the Wallet Payment Method in dropdown box.
- Then Click on Save button to generate the configuration parameters.

- Go to the Configuration tab.
- Now you can fill the parameters listed in Configuration tab.
- You should give the Mobikwik Wallet Merchant id, Merchant Name, Secret key, Mode in the listed parameters on configuration tab
- Then click Save & Close.
- Please ensure the field 'address_telephone' is present under Configuration -> Display -> Custom Fields. And the field should be set as 'required'. This field will be required for filling the mobile number which will be sent to Mobikwik Wallet. So it is mandatory.

For Test Mode: 
Merchant id = MBK9002
secret key = ju6tygh7u7tdg554k098ujd5468o

In case of any support issues, you can email us at: or by calling us at: 011-66579008 extension 3.