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This is a very simple library for using radio on the MSP430 Launchpad Boosterpack. You'll find more information about my various projects at http://lars.roland.bz/

Also check out this forum post: http://43oh.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=35&t=1889&start=50

Main Example

Put an LED with a 1Kohm resistor in series between VCC and P1.4. VCC is positive, and the LED will light up when the P1.4 is low.

If you press the push-button, the chip will transmit. When it transmits, it will also flash the LED you installed above.

While not pressing the push-button, the chip will be trying to receive. On succesful RX, it will flash the LED you installed above.

Both chips have the same address and the same code.

This code is intended for msp430g2553 (or other USCI chips). The library won't work with the cheaper USI-based chips (yet).


This project is licensed under BSD. The files in the TI-directory is originall from TI and are available in their original form here: http://www.ti.com/general/docs/litabsmultiplefilelist.tsp?literatureNumber=slaa325a