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This is a WIP implementation of bindings for LVGL in mruby.


This is currently intended for running simple short-lived GUIs in environments that are not memory-constrained.

Known issues

Bindings are generated

This is not an issue in itself, but the generator is not part of this repository, and does not happen as part of a build set for this mrbgem. It would be better to always generate fresh bindings at build time.

Incomplete bindings

Only the subset required for the intended use-case are written.

Leaks memory

There is no GC for LVGL objects.

This is not an issue for my intended use case, as it targets making simple UIs that are shorter lived in an environment that is not memory-constrained.

Still, this should be fixed.

No memory management validation

This is a real issue, but due to the scope of the project it’s not likely to cause actual issues.

The main issue is that marshalling to and from the marshalled types in mruby is not done right.

Then, the next issue is that it’s entirely possible that other memory issues exist, but since mruby values are preferred, it’s less likely.


Some hacks specific to the use-case are present in the bindings.

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