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Add iOS waiver and new OCB license

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+The Mosh developers are aware that the terms of service that apply to
+apps distributed via Apple's App Store services may conflict with
+rights granted under Mosh's license, the GNU General Public License,
+version 3. The Mosh copyright holders do not wish this conflict to
+prevent the otherwise-compliant distribution of Mosh-derived apps via
+the App Store. Therefore, we have committed not to pursue any license
+violation that results solely from the conflict between the GPLv3 and
+the Apple App Store terms of service. In other words, as long as you
+comply with the GPL in all other respects, including its requirements
+to provide users with source code and the text of the license, we will
+not object to your distribution of Mosh through the App Store.
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Pseudorandom Function.
+<p><b>June 12, 2012</b>: Phillip Rogaway licensed the distribution of OCB
+in Mosh under the GPL with the OpenSSL linking exception and iOS
+waiver contained in the <code>COPYING.iOS</code> file.</p>
+ "Mosh with the two GPL exemptions you specify in the attached note
+ is freely licensed to use for any OCB-related IP that I own."

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