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phmarek commented Apr 11, 2012

In many terminal emulators shift+PageUp/PageDown allow to look back at the scrollback buffer; or, when a full-screen program is running (vim, screen), they are inhibited.

mosh does neither - scrolling back shows "bad" output (ie. simply cut off), and works in a ncurses program too (like vim).

So the easy way out would be to inhibit these keys; the "better" way might be to store some "historical" data (ie. the scrollback buffer), this might be fairly easy because of the delta sending (I'm hoping).

Having a configurable scrollback-buffer might then allow to see repeated data, ie. an (mostly) identical "ls -la" output - and that could be delta-encoded again, saving bandwidth.

Thanks a lot!


This is basically the same as #122, but:
+1: This is a pretty significant issue. Screen/tmux don't allow use of mouse scrolling, which I use pretty frequently.

keithw commented Apr 16, 2012

We will solve this when we do #2, thanks.

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