Mosh should not display motd if ~/.hushlogin exists #216

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See #190.

OpenSSH actually does a more complicated check involving the function login_getcapbool on BSD. I don't know whether we need to understand and implement this part.

@saurik saurik added a commit to saurik/mosh that referenced this issue Apr 18, 2012
@saurik saurik Replace libutempter with... Unix login.
Fix #47: hostname is set in utmpx by login
Fix #61: login handles utmpx on Mac OS X
Obsolete #190: motd is now handled by login
Fix #193: login correctly sets cwd to home
Obsolete #199: shell lookup is done by login
Fix #201: login understands username maps
Fix #216: .hushlogin is handled by login

As hostnames can no longer be set dynamically, the hostname is now statically set to the PID of mosh-server without a hostname (which happens to fix the truncated PIDs reported on FreeBSD by zi).

I seriously doubt that this commit will ever be merged to upstream, however, as it requires mosh-server to be setuid root (upstream seems against mosh-server even having temporary priviledges).
@keithw keithw closed this in 1508d40 Apr 19, 2012
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