Suppress input on long disconnects #236

kmcallister opened this Issue Apr 24, 2012 · 3 comments

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When I leave mosh-client running disconnected for a while (like on an airplane), I worry that I will accidentally type some gibberish into the window, and hours later it will be sent to an IRC channel. I already talked to one person who independently shared this concern, so it's not 100% a case of me worrying too much.

Or I might send input deliberately, but before Mosh reconnects, I attach to the server-side screen from another client and switch windows. Now the input will go to the wrong program.

I think what I want is a Mosh escape sequence which clears queued input, and disables further input until it hears from the server again. But a fixed timeout would be OK too.


+1 for the timeout that "flushes" the input buffer.

@kmcallister kmcallister was assigned Apr 30, 2012

Please don't tie this to presence of the countup timer; I regularly see that on slow connections, and would hate to have random characters dropped as a result.

That said, if you do pick a somewhat long time (60 seconds? 5 minutes?), I'm not sure that has much benefit over not timing out at all.


Yeah, it should definitely not kick in with the countup timer.

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