Timeout counter display when disconnected #275

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phmarek commented May 21, 2012

When I get disconnected but have the konsole window hidden and then I finally make it visible again, only a fraction of the counter is shown in the top line - first only the last digit, then on overflow the next digit, and so on.

I think the whole message should be redrawn.

phmarek commented May 21, 2012

Perhaps I should mention that a "original" disconnect text might be invisible because the konsole window is resized (from monitor to smaller notebook screen), and therefore only the last few lines are visible when disconnected.

keithw commented May 22, 2012

Yeah, we don't support resizing while disconnected right now -- mostly for security/correctness reasons, the server is the only one who can apply a resize.

We should do "predictive resize" the way we do other overlays; we just haven't gotten to that yet.

The resizing is definitely the problem here.

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