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Since an Emacs implementation would be free of a traditional terminal interface, it could potentially be quick and versatile, and this in its own right may make it possible to do even more in Emacs. :) I'm interested to hear ideas around this. The emphasis can be on speed, since I believe in order to perform certain operations in a terminal, this still must be encoded locally as a series of escape sequences via curses or termcap, and so it is bound by a legacy interface. Emacs could be considered one other terminal type, able to jump around and perform an arbitrary function like moving text or jumping to a mark. A particularly fast implementation could also leverage some C code but can make use of the versatility of Emacs. A window size change could also be handled elegantly. This could be integrated with eshell or tramp or other Emacs modes. And ideally the Emacs client could manage multiple windows or instances itself, consuming some functionality of GNU Screen or tmux.

zabbal commented May 15, 2014

I think this could be achieved by extending tramp to support mosh.

edrex commented Oct 22, 2015

I'd really like to see this happen, since it seems likely to cause fewer program hangs than the SSH transport in TRAMP.

There's a lengthy thread from 2012 working towards an implementation here. Still sifting through to understand how far they got.

edrex commented Oct 22, 2015

In this post the PI from that thread refers to mosh #41 as a prerequisite, so this looks to be blocked on the mosh side.

raamdev commented Mar 14, 2016

Putting my vote in for a native Emacs client (or by extending tramp support to mosh--anything that will get mosh working nicely inside Emacs). I'm in the process of switching everything over to Emacs and was sad to find that mosh did not work inside Emacs.

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