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Describe GSSAPITrustDns=no workaround

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@@ -734,6 +734,18 @@ <h4 class="callout">Q: I'm getting 'mosh-server not found'.</h4>
home directory, please see the "Server binary outside path"
instructions in the Usage section, above.</p>
+ <h4 class="callout">Q: SSH authenticates using Kerberos tickets, but Mosh asks me for a password.</h4>
+ <p>In some configurations, SSH canonicalizes the hostname
+ before passing it to the Kerberos GSSAPI plugin. This breaks
+ for Mosh, because the initial forward DNS lookup is done by
+ the Mosh wrapper script. To work around this, invoke Mosh as
+ <pre>mosh <i>remotehost</i> <b>--ssh="ssh -o GSSAPITrustDns=no"</b></pre>
+ This <a href="">will
+ often fail</a> on a round-robin DNS setup. In that case it is probably
+ best to pick a specific host from the round-robin pool.</p>
<h4 class="callout">Q: How do I get 256 colors?</h4>
<p>Make sure you are running mosh in a terminal that

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