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AHRS Generic Sensor Arduino Library

FusionIMUahrs Library is based on sf9domahrs by Doug Weibel and Jose Julio: http://code.google.com/p/sf9domahrs/

For more detailed technical information about DCM IMU please refer to this document: http://gentlenav.googlecode.com/files/DCMDraft2.pdf

This generic library, works with any sensor that forms part of a IMU (Gyroscope, Accelerometer and Magnetometre - 6DOF/9DOF).

How to get the library:

Directly from github.

$ git clone git://github.com/mobileapes/FusionIMUahrs.git $ cd FusionIMUahrs

If you don’t have git installed, you can also get a tarball or zip of the latest development snapshot of FusionIMUahrs library from github by visiting http://github.com/mobileapes/FusionIMUahrs and clicking "Download". Then unpack the tarball or zip.

How to use the library:

  1. Copy the FusionIMUahrs directory into the Arduino libraries directory.

  2. Functions for accessing the sensor data must be made available in sketch project. These functions are passed to the library as an argument.

For more information, see the examples directory for some example files to try it on.

This has been tested with the following sparkfun boards:

  • IMU 9 Degrees of Freedom - Sensor Stick (SEN-10724)
  • IMU Digital Combo Board - 6 Degrees of Freedom ITG3200/ADXL345 (SEN-10121)
  • Combination of two boards to make a 9DOF IMU
    1. IMU Digital Combo Board - 6 Degrees of Freedom ITG3200/ADXL345 (SEN-10121)
    2. Triple Axis Magnetometer Breakout - HMC5883L (SEN-10530)

Third party Arduino libraries:

This is work in progress, and any corrections and additions are most welcome.