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chrometizer development

FFmpeg installation

FFmpeg PPA (Debian/Ubuntu)

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:djcj/hybrid
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install ffmpeg

FFmpeg source

You will need to compile it with non-free codecs. Ubuntu/Debian.

Chrometizer will test your FFmpeg installation and will refuse to start (no point) if there is no support for : x264 and libfdk_aac encoder.

Simple tests for required codecs :

ffmpeg -formats 2> /dev/null | grep "E mp4"
  E mp4             MP4 (MPEG-4 Part 14)

ffmpeg -formats 2> /dev/null | grep "E matroska"
  E matroska        Matroska

ffmpeg -codecs 2> /dev/null | grep "libfdk_aac"
 DEA.L. aac                  AAC ...

ffmpeg -codecs 2> /dev/null | grep "libx264"
 DEV.LS h264                 H.264


Get golang then :

go get
go install

The web client uses go-bindata so

go get
go get -u

All web resources are packed into the binary in order to be able to work offline.


KISS with a bit outdated JS. To develop it you will need to :

cd gocode/src/
go-bindata -debug webclient/...

note the 3 dots at the end. This will modify bindata.go file (you will need to manually change the package back to web but at the end you will be able to edit the web files (css, html, js) and just refresh while the server is running.