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Provides a set of tips, tools & GitHub Actions to help you build, test, and deploy your mobile apps.

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  1. android-sdk-image android-sdk-image Public

    Docker image for Android SDK builds

    Dockerfile 28 6

  2. flutter-sdk-image flutter-sdk-image Public

    Docker image with Flutter SDK to build Android apps

    Dockerfile 19 21

  3. secret-to-file-action secret-to-file-action Public

    JavaScript 9

  4. flutter-ci-demo flutter-ci-demo Public

    Demo for a Flutter app ci/cd pipeline.

    Dart 3 4

  5. xcode-select-version-action xcode-select-version-action Public

    Selects Xcode version in workflow

    JavaScript 3 1

  6. android-ci-demo android-ci-demo Public

    Demo for an Android app ci/cd pipeline.

    Kotlin 2 1


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