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Provide Secure Access to Your Local Development Server
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Localname - Provide Secure Access to Your Local Development Server

No longer fiddle with router configurations, IP's or ports. Localname provides a single URL that just works.


  • Live Preview: Show your work to anyone. Get instant feedback from your designer, client, tester or project manager. No source control (such as Git) or deployments required
  • Mobile App Testing: Test your mobile app backend from a real device without having to fiddle with local network configurations
  • Webhooks: Implement webhooks by providing a real callback URL to your development machine

Here is how our website used to look:

Current limitations:

  • The server has been tested on Linux and macOS, might or might not work on Windows
  • We only have a macOS client at the moment (but feel free to contribute!)

This project was part of the Bugfender suite of developer tools to make developer's life a little bit easier every day.

Localname was built by Mobile Jazz and Bugfender as a commercial product experiment.

This project is usable, although we do not intend to actively continue development.


You will need to deploy a server and build a client in order to use Localname:

  • You will need a Linux or macOS server, follow the instructions in server.
  • To build the macOS client you will need Xcode, check the instructions on client.


Pull-requests are welcome, by making them you understand we will publish them under the current license.

Some top-requested features you can contribute on:

  • A system for reserving domain names to specific users
  • Inspection of the HTTP traffic being redirected
  • URL rewriting in server resposnes, for servers who are unaware of their public URL
  • Routing of pure TCP traffic (non-HTTP)
  • Store & forward of webhook messages if client is offline


You can download and run Localname on your own server for free.

Mobile Jazz can run a Localname server for you, implement enhancements, etc. for a fee. If you're interested, please contact us for a quote.

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