Liner is a fast and simple file reader which allows reading files line by line.
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Liner is a fast and dead simple file reader which allows reading files line by line.

It has been tested with a number of huge files including those with more than 5 million rows and proved itself as a fast and efficient file reader.

Requires PHP 5.4 or newer.


composer require mobileka/liner:1.1.*

And sometimes I find myself looking for this line in installation section:

"mobileka/liner": "1.1.*"


$liner = new Liner('path/to/a/file'); // or SplFileObject instance

// Read the whole file

// Only the first line

// Only the second line
$liner->read(1, 1);

// Read 100 lines starting with the 6th line
$liner->read(100, 5);

// You can also pass a closure as a third argument to mutate the result without iterating over it
// Here's how you can read a CSV file:
$csvAsArray = $liner->read(0, 0, function($file, $line) {
    $line = trim($line);
    return explode(',', $line);

// A line will be ignored if modifier returns null
$anEmptyArray = $liner->read(0, 0, function($file, $line) {
    return null;

// almost forgot to mention that you can get the number of lines

// and that you can also delegate methods to SplFileObject (is it a good idea though?)


Liner is an open-source software and licensed under the MIT License.