A grunt plugin to convert a text file to a file containing a data URI
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A grunt plugin to convert a text file to a file with a data URI in base64 or simple URI encoding. Suitable to convert an HTML file to a data:text/html;charset=utf-8;base64,... bookmark URI encoded in base64. Or use it to convert a CSV file to a data:text/csv;charset=utf-8,... URI using basic encodeURIComponent() encoding. It may also be useful for creating URLs to communicate between web apps and iOS apps using URI protocol schemes. For converting a .js file to a javascript: URI, please see the js2uri grunt plugin.


An HTML file containing:

<html lang=en><head><title>sample</title><body>content</body><html>

might become


A CSV file containing:

"Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young", "Déjà Vu"

might become


Getting Started


Install this grunt plugin into a project with: npm install text2datauri --save-dev. The --save-dev option adds text2datauri to the devDependencies section of the project [package.json] file.

Edit Gruntfile.js

Add the following to the grunt.initConfig section of the project Gruntfile.js file:

"text2datauri": {
  "dist/outputFilename.uri": "dist/lintedAndMinifiedFile.js"

Edit the values for the dist/output... (destination file) and the dist/lintedAndMinifiedFile.js source) as appropriate. See Documenation below for details on additional text2datauri options.

Below the grunt.initConfig section, load text2datauri as an external task before using it.

// load external task

// default task
grunt.registerTask("default", ["text2datauri"]);


The elaborated Gruntfile.js below shows options and defaults relating to text2datauri.

module.exports = function(grunt) {

  // Project configuration.
    // eslint - Critical eslint rules to disable: no-void, no-script-url
    // Example .eslintrc.yml config file--
    // env:
    //   browser: true
    //   es6: true
    //   node: true
    // extends: eslint:recommended
    // rules:
    //   no-void: 0
    //   no-script-url: 0
    // jshint - Critical jshint option: browser & scripturl (allow)
    // "jshint": {
    //   "options": {
    //     "browser": true,
    //     "scripturl": true
    //   }
    // },
    // uglify-js - Note: you may need to 'tune' options for your source
    // "uglify": {
    //   "options": {
    //     "codegen": {"quote_keys": false}
    //     "mangle": {"toplevel": true},
    //     "squeeze": {"conditionals": false, "hoist_vars": true, "sequences": false},
    //   }
    // },
    // ** text2datauri defaults are shown. Note the file spec uses compact form
    "text2datauri": {
      "options": {
        "encoding": "base64", // "base64" or "uri"; use "uri" for encodeURIComponent()
        "mimeType": "text/html", // any string;  this is not validated by text2datauri
        "protocol": "data:", // any string; this is not validated by text2datauri
        "sourceCharset": "utf-8", // "utf-8" or "ascii"; actual format not validated
        "targetCharset": "utf-8", // "utf-8" or ""; metadata output is always utf-8

  // load external task ("text2datauri" plugin)

  // default task
  grunt.registerTask("default", ["text2datauri"]);


In lieu of a formal style guide, take care to maintain the existing coding style. Add unit tests for any new or changed functionality. Lint and test the code using eslint (preferred) or jshint.

Release History

1.2.1: drop support for node <= 9.0.0 ; bump version

1.2.0: drop node 6 support; bump version

1.1.2: update dependencies (clears npm audit warnings); bump version

1.1.0: drop node 5; enhance eslint rule checks; bump version

1.0.5: bump version to republish with improvements for node 8 + npm 5

1.0.4: switch to eslint and apply best practices feedback from it

1.0.3: updates based on lint and for Code Climate testing/feedback

1.0.2: updated package.json and .travis.tml to use node ">5.0.0" and grunt ">1.0.0"

1.0.1: update internals to use es6 let/const; update Travis CI .travis.yml to improve build checks/process

1.0.0: update to current LTS versions of node (4.x, 5.x); update to use grunt-contrib-... ">=1.0.0"

0.0.27: update package.json to work with grunt-contrib-jshint ">=0.11.0" to allow use of 1.00 and beyond

0.0.26: update package.json to work with grunt-contrib-jshint 0.11.x - 0.12.x; update Copyright in README

0.0.25: update .travis.yml to test with node 0.10 0.11, 0.12, 4.2 and 5.0

0.0.24: update package.json to support use of node ">=0.10.0" (e.g., now works w/ node 4.0.x)

0.0.23 - 0.0.20: NO FUNCTIONAL CHANGE. bump version so npmjs.com will accept new docs (Markdown parser issues with npmjs.com v. github.com)

0.0.19: update license info in package.json to use new property and SPDX format

0.0.18: update devDependencies and copyright info

0.0.17: work with node engine 0.10.x - 0.12.x

0.0.16: January 22, 2015 -update to grunt-contrib-jshint 0.11.x; add some stricter checks

0.0.15: June 10, 2014 - update to grunt-contrib-nodeunit 0.4.x

0.0.14: April 21, 2014 - update to grunt-contrib-jshint 0.10.x

0.0.13: March 26, 2014 - update to grunt-contrib-jshint 0.9.x; grunt-contrib-nodeunit to 0.3.x

0.0.12: December 27, 2013 - update to grunt-contrib-jshint 0.8.x and streamline dependencies

0.0.11: December 9, 2013 - update to grunt-contrib-jshint 0.7.x and integrate Travis CI

0.0.10: November 15, 2013 - bump version and remember to update doc

0.0.9: November 15, 2013 - update dependancies in package.json, bump version (forget to update doc)

0.0.8: July 28, 2013 - update dependancies in package.json, bump version

0.0.7: July 12, 2013 - update dependancies in package.json, bump version

0.0.6: May 20, 2013 - update license URL in package.json, bump version

0.0.5 May 18, 2013 - Update package.json for node>=0.10.7 and jshint >= 0.5.2, Gruntfile.js edited to remove "es5": true, (now default for jshint 0.5.2)

0.0.4 March 12, 2013 - Update package.json for node 0.10.0 (ie node>=0.10.0), 'use strict'; added to Gruntfile.js

0.0.3 February 28, 2013 - Stricter jshint Gruntfile options; package.json updates

0.0.2 February 20, 2013 - fully functional / 'beta', w/grunt 0.4.0, Gruntfile.js

0.0.1 February 4, 2013 - initial commit / ALPHA SOFTWARE - NOT FULLY FUNCTIONAL


Copyright (c) 2012-2018 Tom King. Licensed under the MIT license.