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What is MobileOrg?

MobileOrg is a FREE (open-source) iPhone and iPod Touch application for storing, searching, viewing and editing your Org mode files.

MobileOrg works offline. Although you may not always be online, you can always access your data. You can even capture notes while offline and sync the next time you have connectivity.

MobileOrg feature overview

  • Support for Dropbox or WebDAV as a transfer mechanism
  • Org files are stored offline and available anywhere
  • Complete editing support, including editable headings, body text, todo state, tags and priority.
  • Note-taking facility built in, including offline support
  • Full-text search, or search by keyword (TODO, DONE, WAITING) or by tag (errand, office)
  • Mark nodes as done, or flag them with an optional note for reference later
  • Document view of your outlines, for reading document-style Org files with long body text
  • Powerful support for linking between Org files

Org mode integration

Org mode has built-in support for MobileOrg (or any other mobile client that may come along in the future and use the same asymmetric synchronization approach).

  • A simple org-mobile-push will stage your complete set of Org-files for MobileOrg to pick them up. The result includes:
    • An Org file representing all of your custom agenda views
    • Automatic checksum file construction to speed up sync
    • Automatic file generation with links to all of your Org files
  • A powerful org-mobile-pull command, which will integrate changes you’ve made on the go into a local Org file


There are a few minor things we request in order to make it easier to accept contributions.

Of course, the main thing is to simply feel free to contribute any and all code. It’s much appreciated!

Setting up your environment

For the usage of the Dropbox API an application key is necessary. You can obtain it from Dropbox. It is important to apply for keys of the App Folder type not the Full Dropbox type.

Find the file AppKey.plist in the project and obtain the information you’ve received from Dropbox there.

MobileOrg uses CocoaPods. Install CocoaPods by following the instructions from here. Install the needed pods by running

pod install

in your shell.

Next open the MobileOrg.xcworkspace file not the MobileOrg.xcodeproj file. This is the current way Xcode deals with user specific files that hold settings by default. For a lot of background info, see Xcode - xcworkspace and xcodeproj

WebDAV tests

To allow automated tests of syncing there is an additional Xcode scheme (All Tests) available. This scheme needs a running docker instance.

To set up the WebDAV server for manual tests, please take the Test’s pre-action script as a starting point.

Pull Requests

Pull requests for bug fixes, features or anything else are gladly accepted. Since this is github we follow the fork/pull collaboration style. If you are planning to contribute you should have a fork of the mobileorg repository and issue pull requests from there.

It is expected that the code reviewer will merge your pull request. If you wish to open a pull request for a proof of concept or feedback on an idea, please clearly indicate this in the description or title.

git flow branching model

To the extent possible the MobileOrg repo follows the Git Flow branching model. How this affects contributing is that all new work should be based off the develop branch and be named either feature/your-new-feature, hotfix/some-bug-fix or similar. See the previous link for more information. This will make it much easier to merge your work.

There is a git extension if you’re interested in learning a new command for this workflow, but it isn’t required. You can just as easily manually do:

git checkout -b feature/new-hotness

If you like to work further with your fork you should incorporate your changes into the develop-branch not by merging your branch into it, but by syncing your fork with the main repository.

A description how to do this is available at GitHub Help.

bug tracker

github issues





MobileOrg is thanks to the following:

  • Richard Moreland
  • Carsten Dominik
  • Greg Newman
  • Christophe Bataillon
  • Joseph Wain of
  • Sean Escriva
  • Alex Rodich
  • Russell McClellan
  • Mario Martelli


MobileOrg will always stay free in the app store, but the Apple Developer program costs money. Currently I pay $99 a year to maintain this and keep it in the app store. If you’d like to donate toward that get in touch.

You support MobileOrg just by using it, thanks for your continued interest.


MobileOrg is distributed under the GNU Public License version 2. See LICENSE.txt for more info.

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