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Mobile Robot I/O

This is the Mobile Robot IO (MRIO) website respository.

MRIO works on software development projects and charges a one time, fee based on time or task.

ClowdOps is an internal project to develop a service we will offer certain clients

The service can be generally titled "managed cloud services". Though, it is our goal to refine the particulars of the service, based on understanding the most painful needs of our clients.

The purpose of this site is to put specific meaning to the words above. And choose the appropriate titles.

Table Of Contents


    This file, it is here to let you know exactly how this repository works, including the details of every directory.

  • Makefile

    The make is used to generate the website and update the proposal process.

  • config.yml

    This is the website configuration file. We use a tool called Hugo to generate our websites. The config.yml file tells Hugo exactly what to do.

  • content

    The content directory contains all the Markdown files and other assets that allow Hugo to generate the website

  • docs

    This is the directory that Hugo uses to dump the newly generated website. Note this is also the directory that uses to serve the website to the rest of the world.

    In otherwords, this is our live website!

  • Marketing

    Marketing material sources that are not display directly to the public. Our email drip sequence is one example of this.

  • Resources

    Unused, but created by Hugo.

  • Themes

    Themes used by Hugo to generate our website. It is made up of Go/Hugo templates and Bootstrap css (in this case).

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