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  1. android-ubertooth-btle-sniffing android-ubertooth-btle-sniffing Public

    An Android Implementation for Ubertooth One including Sniffing of Bluetooth Low Energy communications

    C 37 5

  2. arcface-tensorflowlite arcface-tensorflowlite Public

    ArcFace face recognition implementation in Tensorflow Lite.

    Python 25 7

  3. android-gainroot android-gainroot Public

    Gain root privilege on older Android devices.

    C 16 7

  4. secure-element-gpdroid secure-element-gpdroid Public

    Global Platform card management tool using Open Mobile API for Android. GPDroid is an Android application designed to manage applets on secure elements.

    Java 12 6

  5. swr50-android-external_libnfc-nci swr50-android-external_libnfc-nci Public

    This is a modified version of the Android libnfc-nci library prepared for the Sony SmartWatch 3 (SWR50).

    C 12 4

  6. secure-element-emulator secure-element-emulator Public

    This project aims at emulating a secure element environment for debugging and rapid-prototyping of secure element applets.

    Java 10 3


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