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django-tel - telephone URL support for Django

This app provides template tools for creating "click to call" URLs, as described in RFC 2806:URLs for Telephone Calls. The tools are the tel filter, and the telify tag.

To use either, first load the tel app with {% load tel %} in the template.


The tel template filter transforms a phone number into a well-formed tel: hyperlink. This type of link can be clicked to initiate a phone call in phone web browsers.

For example, in your django template:

{% load tel %}

will render as:

<a href="tel:+14155551212">415-555-1212</a>

Template variables also work seemlessly, of course. If the context sets phone_number to be "415-555-1212", {{phone_number|tel}} will render as above.

The tel filter also converts letters, like the builtin phone2numeric filter:


will render as:

<a href="tel:+18002289669">800-2-Buy-Now</a>

The tel filter trims numbers with too many digits, useful for over-long mnemonics:


will render as:

<a href="tel:+18002894866">800-BUY-IT-NOW</a>


The telify tag will locate all phone numbers in a region of text, and apply the tel filter to them. What is recognized as a phone number is defined in tel.PHONE_RE, a compiled regular expression.

{% load tel %}
{% telify %}Call 800-555-1212 to get your free gift today! (Not
866-555-1212, that is something else entirely.){% endtelify %}

will render as:

Call <a href="tel:+18005551212">800-555-1212</a> today! (Not <a
href="tel:+18665551212">866-555-1212</a>, that is something else

Be aware: Matching is currently not very intelligent.

If you have HTML like this:

{# Danger, don't do this! #}
{% telify %}<img src="/path/to/button.jpg" 
               alt="Call 800-555-1212"/>
{% endtelify %}

then that will insert an HTML tag in the alt attribute text. Highly broken markup, and not what you want. So until telify becomes smarter, please use this tag with care.

telify only finds fully numeric numbers. If you want letter-to-number conversion, you'll have to use the tel filter instead. Also, telify only finds ten-digit numbers that include the area code, like "800-222-3333"; not local numbers like "222-3333".


Simply install the tel module. This can be done with the command

python install

Or just copy the src/tel directory into the Python path or django apps directory. Then configure the site as described in USAGE.


  1. In, add the 'tel' application to INSTALLED_APPS.
  2. In your templates, you will need to include the module with the load statement: {% load tel %}
  3. The tel filter and telify tag will now be available. Simply write something like {{"415-4-PYTHON"|tel}} in the template.
  4. Add TEL_PREFIX to your to change the international prefix. By default the prefix is u'+1'

Quality patches are appreciated and accepted; see DEV.txt.


Django-tel has only been tested with Python 2.6 and Django 1.2, running on Linux. There is no special reason it cannot run (or be made to run) under less cutting-edge conditions; Python 2.4 and Django 1.0 on Windows, for example. Please contact if you discover any issues.

There are no other dependencies.


For any development issues or bug reports related to django-tel, please also contact Aaron Maxwell at .


Please see DEV.txt.


GPL 3 Copyright 2009-2010 Aaron Maxwell.


Django-tel is sponsored by Mobile Web Up. If you need expert assistance in creating websites or web applications that look and feel great on your customers' hand-held devices, or just need to upgrade your existing web presence for mobile, we can help. Visit us at today.