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HamShieldMini1.1 Hardware

You can purchase HamShield Mini (as well as our larger variants or LoRa version) at

These are the hardware design files for the HamShieldMini1.1 electronics.

These hardware files were created with KiCAD. You may need the KiCAD libraries available here: When opening these projects in KiCAD, you may need to change the path to the libraries from the above link. This can be done in preferences->libraries in both the schematic editor and the layout editor. Make sure the libraries noted there point to wherever you put the above KiCAD_libs repo.

Arduino Connections

To use the HamShieldMini with an Arduino, you can use our standard HamShield library:

The pinout should be:

1	- SPKR - Arduino Pin A2
2	- MIC  - Arduino Pin D3
3	- CLK/SCLK  - Arduino Pin A5
4	- DAT/SDIO  - Arduino Pin A4
5	- nCS/nSEN  - Arduino Pin A1
6	- GND  - Arduino Pin GND
7	- VCC  - Arduino Pin 5V

Raspberry Pi Connections

To use the HamShieldMini with a Raspberry Pi, you can use our HamShieldPy library:

The pinout should be:

2	- MIC  - RPi Pin 12 (wiringPi1, PWM0)
3	- CLK  - RPi Pin 15 (wiringPi3)
4	- nCS  - RPi Pin 11 (wiringPi0)
5	- DAT  - RPi Pin 13 (wiringPi2)
6	- GND  - RPi Pin 1 (3.3V)
7	- VCC  - RPi Pin 6 (GND)


HamShieldMini Hardware Design Files (KiCAD)






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