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The Nucleo TNC is a breadboard implementation of the Mobilinkd TNC3 using a STM32L432KC Nucleo32 board. This TNC faithfully implements the audio section and EEPROM storage of the TNC3. It omits the battery charging and Bluetooth components of the TNC3. It presents as a KISS TNC over a USB serial port. This repository contains the build instructi…
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Rob Riggs
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Source code for breadboard TNC based on STM32L432KC Nucleo32 dev board

Important Note

If you regenerate the STM32 code, please note that the LL ADC driver in the 1.12.0 version of the HAL driver is buggy.


This file has been modified to address the defect. If it is replaced by STM32CubeMX, please ensure that the defect has been fixed.

Details of the defect are available [on the ST community site]( ADC init bug with optimization >= -O1).

We use Eclipse CDT with the GNU MCU Eclipse plugin to build this project.

TNC Build Instructions

Please go here: TNC Build Instructions

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