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Experimental M17 Support

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@mobilinkd mobilinkd released this 03 Jan 23:02

This is a highly experimental firmware release for the NucleoTNC which adds support for M17 4-FSK packet and streaming modes. This is intended for those who are interested in working on the M17 spec and need a baseband implementation for over-the-air experimentation. You will need the most recent version of the Python config app.

This firmware version also includes 9600 baud support.

If you have an existing NucleoTNC you may need to modify C1, changing it from a 220nF to a 1uF capacitor. This improves the low frequency response of the TNC and is recommended for 9600 baud and M17 4-FSK.

Go to for more information.

Support is best handled via the M17 chat services (IRC, Matrix, Discord).