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APRS device identification database

This is a machine-readable index of APRS device and software identification strings. For easy manual editing and validation, the master file is in YAML format. A conversion tool and pre-converted versions in XML and JSON are also provided for environments where those are more convenient to parse.

This list is maintained by Hessu, OH7LZB, for the device identification feature of the service. The list is published here in a machine-readable format so that it would be easier for others to implement such functionality. If you choose to use the database, and update from here regularly, your APRS app should be relatively well in sync with


The database is licensed under the CC BY-SA 2.0 license, so you're free to use it in any of your applications, commercial, free or open source. For free. Just mention the source somewhere in the small print.

Adding new devices

If you have created a new APRS device, or written a new APRS app, and would like me to add it in the database, please file an issue ticket in github ( - I'll be notified by email.

Before adding in this index, the device should be present in Bob's master index (

Please include all the relevant fields (vendor, model, class, os, messaging capability). The master file is tocalls.yaml, and all the other files are generated from that file, so please use that format.

Do not submit new devices on others behalf, let the author of the device or application to contact Bob and myself directly. Thank you!

Thank you!


Tocall index (tocalls):

  • tocall: The APRS destination callsign allocated for an application
  • vendor: Vendor / author string identifying either the person or organisation producing the device or application.
  • model: Device or software model
  • class: A device class identifier, referring to the class index
  • os: Operating system identifier
  • features: Feature flags indicating optional features implemented on this device
    • messaging: a flag (1) identifying that the device is messaging capable

Mic-E device identifier index (mice):

This index contains the new-style two-character comment suffix part, which is assigned to new Mic-E devices. The first comment prefix character indicates whether the device is messaging capable (` for messaging capable, ' for a non-messaging capable dumb tracker).

  • suffix: The 2-character device
  • vendor, model, class, os: same as in Tocall index

Mic-E legacy device identifier index (micelegacy):

This index contains the old-style prefix + suffix parts for Kenwood devices. Messaging capability is listed in this index. A device may be identified by only a 1-character prefix (the old devices), or both a 1-character prefix and a 1-character suffix.

  • prefix: The 1-character comment prefix
  • suffix: The 1-character comment suffix
  • vendor, model, class, os, features: same as in Tocall index

Device class index (classes):

  • class: A device class identifier
  • shown: An english shown string for the identifier
  • description: An english description string

Libraries and applications using this database

Others? Let me know.

Lookup algorithm for destination callsigns

  1. Try an exact match against those tocalls in the index which have no wildcards (?, lower-case n, *). The quickest way to do this is to preload those tocalls from the database to a hash table or binary tree of some sort.
  2. Go for the wildcarded entries next. Look for an entry having the longest match: APXYZ? should match before APXY??.


APRS device identification data: tocalls.txt + mic-e-types.txt in machine readable formats (YAML, JSON, XML)






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