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This is a mounting bracket to adapt the FlashForge Creator X Mightyboard mount to the BTT SKR Pro 1.1. It is part of an upgrade that includes TMC 2209 stepper drivers and a BTT TFT35 V3 display.

FFCX Mounting Bracket

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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.


The FlashForge Creator X has a unique mounting opportunity for the Big Tree Tech SKR Pro v1.1 board. The outer mounting posts used to mount the metal shield over the Mightyboard line up perfectly with the mounting holes of the SKR Pro v1.1. We just need to change each of the two M3x50mm standoffs to two 20mm and an 8mm standoff.

This board mounts on top of the left 4 Mightyboard mounting posts on the FFCX. It provides two holes to put M3x5mm brass or nylon standoffs for the other two SKR Pro v1.1 mounting holes.

This also adds 4 holes for M2 standoffs designed to fit two Adafruit MAX31855 thermocouple amplifier boards. This eliminates the need to swap out the heater blocks and install thermistors.

A word of warning: use nylon M3 screws to fasten the adapter to the printer. The screw heads are very close to the circuit board and a short could severely damage the electronics and stepper motors.


Mount to adapt the FlashForge Creator X Mightyboard mount to the BTT SKR Pro 1.1.



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