Mobilinkd TNC1 Firmware
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Mobilinkd TNC1 Firmware

To build the software, just type "make". The EEPROM section needs to be removed from the ihex file.

avr-objcopy -O ihex -R.eeprom images/mobilinkd-tnc1.elf images/mobilinkd-tnc1.hex

The hex file can then be uploaded using "avrdude -c avr109" or using the Mobilinkd Android configuration app.

The Mobilinkd TNC1 uses the XBoot++ bootloader:

To build an image which includes the bootloader, build the xboot++ bootloader using the supplied xboot configuration file. Then merge the two files with srec_cat.

srec_cat xboot/xboot.hex -intel mobilinkd-tnc1/images/mobilinkd-tnc1.hex \ -intel -o mobilinkd-tnc1/images/mobilinkd-boot.hex -intel

The output file, mobilinkd-boot.hex, can then be uploaded via the ISP port on the board using an ISP programmer such as the USBASP v2.0. This is the programmer that I use, along with a custom cable with pogo pins.