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Welcome to the Mobility Framework for OMNeT++ 4 wiki!

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Warning: this code base is not maintained anymore and researchers interested in simulating wireless networks
should use MiXiM, the successor of Mobility Framework: http://mixim.sourceforge.net.
All simulation models of MF2 have been ported to MiXiM, several bug were fixed, and MiXiM offers more detailed
models at the physical layer. Even better, MiXiM comes with extensive documentation for beginners:

Mobility Framework 2 for OMNeT++4 is still available here to help users who need to port old simulation
modules from OMNeT++ 3.4 / Mobility Framework 2 to MiXiM. They can use this version of MF2 for OMNeT++ 4 to port
their code to OMNeT++ 4. Once this work, they can easily migrate from MF2 to MiXiM.

What is it ?

The Mobility Framework is a library of wireless sensor networks simulation models for the OMNeT++ discrete event simulator.

This repository hosts the original Mobility Framework 2.0p3 ported to OMNeT++ 4 in the master branch of a git repository hosted at github.

This repository also contains a branch named ext, which offers the following additional extensions:

  • BatteryModule
  • BMAC
  • LMAC
  • Detailed Multiple Access Interference Model (RadioAccNoise3)
  • Radio power consumption model (TI CC 1100, TI CC 2420)
  • IEEE 802.15.4 CSMA (non beacon enabled mode)


The project is released from time to time as a zip archive. The latest one can be found there .

Try the example network ieee802154 to get started with the additional modules.

Developer Access

To check out, use: git clone git://github.com/mobility-fw/mf-opp4.git

If you want to work with the extended version, use git checkout -t -b ext origin/ext in the root of the project dir to switch to the extended version. git checkout master will change back to the original version.

Contributions are welcome.


Please first have a look at our FAQ.

The preferred way of contact is to subscribe to the Omnet++ mailing list and send your question (you can unsubscribe any time) .

If you are new to Mobility Framework and want to start a new project, see also the MiXiM Project which is the successor of MF and currently in development.

In due time, the modules available in the ext branch may be ported to the MiXiM project.


This work was partially financed by the European Commission under the Framework 6 IST Project Wirelessly Accessible Sensor Populations (WASP) under contract IST-034963.