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Data Dashboard

Comes in two flavors:

  • Demo - Static version with demo data from the 2012 deployment.
  • Live - User must authenticate with Ohmage to explore his data from a current survey.


Dashboards must be configured for a certain dataset (i.e. campaign). This is done using the config.json. The repo has some examples of configuration files in the config directory. The config file is self-explanatory, take one of the examples and modify it to your needs and put it in the config dir.


To compile, we need to install npm and the npm packages jade, recess, and uglify-js. For Ubuntu:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:chris-lea/node.js
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install node
sudo npm install -g jade recess uglify-js

Some build parameters can be configured by editing Makefile. By default the output dir is /var/www.


To build the included demo dashboards:

make CAMPAIGN=snackdemo
make CAMPAIGN=mediademo

To build the included live dashboards:

make CAMPAIGN=snack
make CAMPAIGN=media
make CAMPAIGN=litter
make CAMPAIGN=trash
make CAMPAIGN=holiday
make CAMPAIGN=nutrition

Updating Demo Data

Below the steps to update the data of demo campaigns:

  1. Study the snackdemo.json and mediademo.json file, especially photo.thumb and photo.img properties. These must resolve to local or external locations of the pictures.
  2. Study the included data/snackdemo.csv and data/mediademo.csv, especially column names. Order of the columns is not important, but the exact name is.
  3. Export the campaign data in CSV format from Ohmage. Combine all data into a single dataset.
  4. Check that the column names are the same as in the current snackdemo.csv and mediademo.csv. Rename where necessary.
  5. Remove un-needed columns from the dataset.
  6. Clean up the data: remove all rows with uncomplete survey responses.
  7. Export all the icons and images from all photos in the dataset and put them on a web server somewhere.
  8. Update the photo.thumb and photo.img properties in the config file to point to the image server.
  9. (optional) add random values to the longitude and latitude columns for privacy.


The code in this respository is open-source and licensed under the Apache License, version 2.0. The full text of the license may be found at this link:


📊 Interactive Data Dashboard




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